Mary Lou Sanelli

A good speaker makes a good event.
A speaker will inspire you, or bore you.
Choose them wisely.

"Mary Lou is an awesome speaker. She spoke to GFWC Western State Region meeting and you could hear a pin drop at one time and the laughter was contagious at another. She was a highlight of the four-day conference for many attendees. Her message was perfect for a group of women ranging in age from 40 to 90."
• Bonnie Walden, WSR President

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A fine-tuned, beautiful book that looks with a sharp eye and a generous spirit at one's sense of place as it was in the five years leading up to 2021. And as it is. Now. So much more than a collection of essays, this is a writer's soul laid bare. Filled with universal experience, every page reveals Sanelli's profound understanding of the strength and resilience of the human spirit.

Guest speaker at the GFWC National Convention, the Rainier Club, the Women's University Club, Columbia Tower Club, Town Hall Seattle, as well as Starbucks Book Events.